Google Panda – 3 Interesting and Secret Facts that can Help SEO

Most people relate the term ‘Google Panda’ with an image of angry panda that seems ready to attack websites. However, many will be surprised to know that Google Panda is not based on the ‘panda’ we know. If you want to know interesting facts about Google Panda, read on.

Actual meaning of the term ‘Google Panda’

Search algorithm of Google depends on various factors, such as loading time of web pages, onsite optimization, and number of backlinks a website possesses. However, this algorithm changes periodically as Google introduces new factors or removes few occasionally.

Google Panda represents one such update that Google has introduced in their search algorithm. Navneet Panda, an engineer associated with Google prepared this update. To honor his contribution, the update was named after him.

Definition of ‘low quality content sites’

Google has declared that the main purpose of Google Panda is to remove ‘low quality content sites’ from search engine results and improve rankings of sites with good content. However, the problem is that Google never revealed what it exactly meant by ‘low quality content sites’. Still, we can offer you some clues.

A website that contains duplicate or copied content can be termed as a low quality site. Additionally, if it contains articles with grammatical mistakes and useless information, it will also be considered as a low quality site.

If you are not sure about removing or adding content, getting in touch with SEO services in India would be a great idea. A SEO company will possess experienced experts who can enhance rankings of your site.

History of Google updates

Many people think that Google Panda is the first update introduced by Google. However, this is a wrong conception. Google introduces changes in its search engine algorithm periodically. In 2003 and 2009, it introduced updates under the name of ‘Florida’ and ‘Vince’ respectively. Few years ago, it introduced the ‘Mayday’ update.

Protect your site from the Panda

Now that you have are aware of interesting facts about Google Panda, you may want to know how to make it Panda-proof.

  • To improve rankings of your site, delete duplicate content of your site. Ensure that it offers interesting and valuable information to the users. Avoid incorporating excessive keywords in your articles.
  • Many sites force visitors to click at affiliate links and ads for reading the actual content. This is a dangerous strategy and can invite wrath of the Google Panda.
  • Acquiring backlinks blindly will not improve rankings of your site. Rather, try to acquire links from sites that enjoy high rankings.

We highlighted few interesting facts about Google Panda. Hope you enjoyed reading about it. Get back to us by leaving comments and your valuable suggestions.

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