Finding the Right Domain Name with Right Keywords for a Multi-Niche Blog

A domain name is the address of your blog and it is one of many steps to your online success. Selecting a right domain name when you are creating a new site is a crucial and important step that can affect the search results of your blog. A good domain ceases to bring heavy amount of traffic to your blog so it’s worth to reserve some precious time to create a right domain name.

1. Right keyword

It’s a huge bonus to include keywords that are targeted heavily in the market or that targets to your niche. Including one or more keyword in your domain not only describes your site but it also sets your blog for a better ranking in search engines, thus bringing in more traffic. Select out at least 10 high searched keyword in your niche and revolve around to see which suits the best. In the last use a free domain name registration service to check if it is available.

2. Short and creative

In the process of targeting right keywords you might end up including more than two to three words in the domain. It might work against your marketing campaign. Long domains names are hard to remember and a difficult process for your user to find your site. Short domains are a plus point for branding as well. Be open to misspelled words or keywords and spelling, users sometimes get confuse. With domain names a little misspelled letter can redirect a user to another site.

Think of some name that may give a unique touch to your site. Don’t attempt to copy some company’s name or logo; you will be then prone to official notices.

3. Correct extension

While choosing a domain name never underestimates the importance of extension. It gives the idea to search engines what is your niche. For sites focused to market only within a particular country, it will be wise to pick the extension of that country like .us, .in, .aus. If your blog ceases to target customers all round the world, go for a .com extension. For an organization or an education institute .org or .edu might be the best.

4. No numbers

Adding numbers to your domain name might confuse your user sometimes. Number can be mistaken for words or vice a versa. But people have undergone success by using numbers as well keep your eyes open if you decide to implement one.

Finding a domain name for your blog is tedious task. In some cases it might happen that you will find the domain is already taken after devoting precious time. Don’t be disappointed it happens to everyone, there are better and cool names available that might fit with your blog and niche. While going in for domain name don’t get upset if you cannot gather specific keywords, pick up a domain that suits you the best. Work for creating your own brand by going in for a keyword less domain name.

While starting your blog, stay peculiar about the domain name, it is one time affair and you cannot change it afterwards.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and autos. Beside this she is fond of cars and fancy accessories. Recently an article on 3g Tablet attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Black Pearl Earrings.

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