CenturionGateMotors.com launches, to generate targeted leads…

While doing my research on Google Keyword Tools for targeted keywords to register and develop websites, I discovered that Centurion Gate Motors received 2,400 local searches each month. Though with medium competition, the scope for growth was attractive considering that all existing websites were not properly optimized for search engines.

Because of my delay in securing the local domain…it was successfully registered by another company, while I was still taking my time to decide. Ultimately I ended up securing the .com version of the domain.

I’ve developed this domain with the sole intention of selling the targeted leads that it’ll generate once it hits the first page of search results.

My ideal partner will be a business that is involved with the selling and installing of automated gate motors. Instead of selling the website, I’ll be entering into a 12 months partnership with a prospective partner. I’ll then charge an agreed monthly fee for the exclusive access of leads that websites will generate daily.

Because I’ve registered a targeted exact keyword, website will be generating qualified leads, which will then be processed by my client.

Each month, I’ll present client with a report about the number and type of leads website received. This will be my backup/archive data which client would have already received and processed. It’s meant to reconcile with what clients received and what website actually archived.

Once website starts attracting leads, it’ll then be time to start searching for a prospective part to sell these leads…for now though, it’s time to wait until website if properly index by search engines.

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