Keywords & Competition

We study your existing competition online to ascertain if there is a gap to outrank them. Those results will inform us of a winning formula to employ so your website can attract new clients with high rankings.

Smart Marketing

Invest your limited resources on smart marketing and compete with the gains with marketing budgets. Will help you formulate a winning strategy to generate keyword targeted content on a regular basis to help your website high on search results.

Affordable Web Hosting

You don't have to pay an arm and a leg for hosting your website. Unlimited email addresses, bandwidth, disc space and no interruptions.

Social Media Management

We'll help you manage your social media accounts to keep them updated with fresh and relevant content. Will not bombard your followers will endless sales pitches but engaging content to keep them aware of your product or service.

Business Website For Only R2,500

I’ll create a functional website for your business to help you sell your products and services online without breaking the bank. My Offer Includes: Professional Logo Website (showcase your portfolio/products/services) Website Hosting Domain Name Registration Terms And Conditions 1. Website hosting and domain name is renewable each year…so every 12 months, you’ll be billed for […]

Tips for saving money with SEO

Running a business isn’t an easy process and you need to navigate so many different hurdles. If you are a small business owner you also know how important it is to find cost saving practices in order to keep your business alive. SEO is essential for any business but it also isn’t always very cheap. […]